6 Fitness Goals
A 30 Year Old

             We are all dreaming of that perfect beach body on a hot summer day, but let’s face it, for most of us when we reach 30, we think it wouldn’t be realistic. With all the work we have, our crazy schedules, the cold weather or the hot sun, the expensive gym membership, it would take a lot of motivation to actually start exercising. But you don’t necessarily have to start heavy and feel tired all the time, we have compiled ways for you to lose weight without feeling the stress!

             All you need to remember is to do something when you’re not doing something!

sedentary lifestyle

             There are a lot of ways to do this and please make this a conscious effort. If at work you tend to sit down a lot and hunch a lot, stand up once every hour. Take a look outside the window, go talk to your workmate or have a restroom break to keep the blood flowing and your posture intact.

Incorporate simple exercises to your daily routine

A set of 10 repetitions of push-ups and sit-ups everyday would be a good way to start. As soon as you get the hang of it, try to increase your pace. If would be nice to do it upon waking up, it will give you energy and wake up your body. I recommend writing everything down or just crossing out your calendar as a sign you’ve accomplished something. Then try to write better goals that you would do next like at the end of the month, I could start doing 20 push-ups and sit-ups or even walk for 2 kms.

Create a realistic plan

Create a plan that suits well with your crazy work hours and busy life. It doesn’t need to involve fad diets, 3 hours a day at the gym for 7 days a week or running a 10k. List down goals that will be easy to do and inch you closer to a better lifestyle. We all know life will hit us back at times and slow us down or even make us lazier, but you could get back up and for the best reasons, do everything necessary to start again.

Go walk

             Walk  even for a while even if you’re inside a building. Even a short time of 20 minutes will be enough, and you won’t even be gasping for breaths. It may be useful to download an app or invest in a device to count your steps so that you have a number to follow or maintain. While walking engages your core muscles and speeds up our heart rate, you might also have the energy to run or bike. I downloaded this app, the Couch to 5k training program, which was a great way to learn to run.

Watch What You Eat

             To be able to track your calorie intake whether thru an app or by writing it down, we are aware of how much we consume. I am not telling you to diet but I am encouraging to list down and notice how bad or good the food is. Being able to record your caloric intake will definitely open your mind to likely cutting them down even for a bit. MyFitnessPal is a great app for you to track your calories and have a base line of what you’re eating and how much calories they contain. When you become conscious that 3 donuts late at night is equal to an hour at the treadmill, you resort to go to sleep instead or find healthier alternatives.

Write Down Your Reasons

             Write down all the reasons you want to be stay fit. Is it because of health reasons? Are you not feeling confident? Or do you want to have the energy and strength you used to have? List down as many people as possible and whenever you feel down take a good look at your list, why you started is what will keep you going. It would also be good to ask a friend to accompany you. Sometimes, a good friend’s encouragement is the motivator for you to do what you set out to do. You could set a a good example for them as well.

             These are simple tasks you could do even for just a couple of minutes. It will not take most of your time and it would be healthier than just looking at social media. A lot of good things are waiting for you if you choose to start changing some of your bad habits. It is not too late to start, we have a lot of things we could do because life is full of reasons to live.

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