New You This New Year

10 Things That You Should Change About You

             After the fireworks have lit up the sky and the champagne bottle down to the last drop, most people come to terms with changing a part of them for the better. I have listed ten resolutions that are very simple and attainable which you and I can easily follow. They are not stressful to deal with so doing them is interesting and enjoyable. I hope you could start doing them too to achieve a New You this year, because these small things will make a big difference.

             I won’t make this conversation too long so I think we should just go straight to the topics.

             So, here are the 10 things you can do to be a better you!

1. Spend Less Time On Social Media

             Why? If you are stuck all day looking at the same pictures of your friends’ food and travel posts, checking their latest rants online, arguing with some random person in a comments section, looking through cat videos in Youtube all day long, then you need to cut down social media. You are just wasting time on things that don’t really matter in life. The bad part is letting the number of likes or subscribers impact your worth and validation in this world. Instead of aimlessly scrolling on the screen, why not make use of the time to do one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, write, cook or maybe paint. There are lots of things to explore, wherein you could discover your passions in life. You’d feel more productive by accomplishing these things and discover an antidote from the stinging venom of social media.

2. Invest In Friendship

             Most people nowadays aim to have hundreds of friends on their social media accounts, or even become the most popular one in school. However, the value is not how high the numbers are, because even just one true friend who cares, trusts and respects you, is one treasure without a price tag. Someone you can confide your deepest darkest secrets or embarrassing moments, your biggest and funniest critic, and who would always be there during tough times and know exactly what to say to make you feel better, is very rare in this world. Find the time to be there or show your presence in the happiest days of their lives, thank them from time to time because you aren’t wherever you are today without their support. It’s also okay if you haven’t found one yet, they come surprisingly when you least expect. When they come, listen to understand, find common interests and be that friend you would like to have. Invest in these diamonds because they make you very rich in life.

3. Go Outside

             Technology has jailed us indoors and consumed us too much that even being outside, we are stuck in a digital world and are disengaged from the real world where real interactions with others exist. Meet with your friends and take a hike or just sit down on a park, away from our phones beeping with notifications. Pause for a while and take the time to step out in the open sky and feel the sunlight. Take in Vitamin D from the sun which is told to improve mood and energy levels. Breathe in the fresh air for five minutes and take in deep breaths to make you feel energetic and clear your mind. Slow down and look at the clouds, the flowers that greet you on your way or gaze at the confetti of stars at night. If you’d like to, why not pick up that litter or trash you’ve been seeing for days along the side of the road. Nevertheless, appreciate the true beauty of the world, don’t waste your one chance to be alive and witness all its glory.

4. Organize Things

             Okay, we all have that one drawer for random stuffs. Guilty! But do we have the whole house free from clutter? Do you know where to find things when you need them. When we are organized and free from clutter, we feel in control. Everything has its own place and we save up time instead of frantically looking for scissors or your car keys. Try to put labels if you have a hard time remembering. And of course, just thinking of cleaning the whole house would be very tiresome. You could start small like your wardrobe first, you don’t need to clean everything at once. It also goes hand in hand with having order in your life. Keep a journal of things you must do to avoid procrastination and plan your day well from what time to wake up and the things you need to until you go to bed. Always finish what you have started and make yourself proud!

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

             Drinking plenty of water in the morning, especially one after waking up, is told to boost your metabolism and help you to rehydrate your body after a full night’s sleep. The recommended daily intake is half your weight in pounds, so if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75-150 ounces a day. It sure sounds a lot but developing a habit to drink a cup will lead to favorable results. First, being hydrated is an easy and inexpensive way to increase energy levels. You really don’t need vitamin water or sports drinks; they only add extra calories. Always have a bottle of water with you throughout the day. Add lemons, limes or oranges for taste. Water will flush out toxin waste from your body and aid in the functioning of our organs. It keeps digestion going and you wouldn’t worry about the pain or struggle when you’ve got to go, but your ass says no.  

6. Sleep Better

             Definitely one of the best feelings in the world is waking up and realizing you have all the time to sleep longer, stress free from work, school or the irritating sound of your alarm. But sadly, people don’t sleep well regularly due to stress and poor sleeping habits. You must reward yourself a good night’s sleep every day because it will be your body’s best source of energy and repair. First, you have to establish a time for sleeping. The body has its own clock or a circadian rhythm and having a regular bedtime routine would promote the process of falling asleep faster. Do not indulge yourself in Facebook, TV or games right before you sleep, maybe use that time to write on a journal to also collect your thoughts. Sleeping better would strengthen your immune system, make you happier, increase your concentration, and make you pick good choices in life, like your future husband or wife maybe.

7. Laugh More

             Do you actually laugh when you type LOL, XD, ROFL, or LMAO online? Probably when you’re watching prank videos or cats versus cucumbers. But most of the time, we are not genuine with our expressions online and by being used to it, forget to show an honest emotion to the world. Did you also know that children laugh more than adults? Maybe because we become insensitive to our environment as we grow. Start by maybe laughing at your mistakes, don’t take things seriously all the time. Don’t judge everything cynically, being optimistic and having a better outlook in life will lighten your heart and make you laugh more. Let loose and go hang out with your friends, everyone would want to socialize with a humorous light-hearted person. Watch comedy shows or enter a comedy bar! Laughing actually is a medicine for your heart, it improves mood and lowers blood pressure and stress. Laugh like the fun child you once were, be silly without thinking what others have to say, it’s okay to laugh so hard that your stomach hurts from it but never too hard that you fart.

8. Read A Book

             There are lots more to read than twitter posts. Well, you could read stuff online but are they of quality? Read books and open your imagination, it will also get your brain working. It makes us more creative, smarter and also enriches our vocabulary. There are a lot of funny books and reading one before sleeping will make you feel calmer. There are also self-help books to help you overcome your problems in life. Moreover, the more we read, the more likely we identify ourselves with the characters, the more it motivates us to open new chapters in our lives, lead better lives, have goals and end up with a happy ending like them.

9. Write

             Take this time to take a break and assess your life. You could start writing about what you have achieved so far, do you have goals and what are your next steps towards fulfilling it. By doing so, you remain focused and will never get out of sight towards the accomplishment of your dreams. Write down how you feel today, what made you smile or what made you sad. You will develop a good sense of awareness about yourself. Moreover, we’re often too caught up texting one another with instant replies and too many emojis, gone were the days where people write long romantic, sincere and personal letters thru snail mail, then kept in a box for all the years to carry. The smell, how the stamp is marked on the letter, its texture and the beauty of the handwriting will all spark sentiments whenever it is opened. Send one with genuineness to someone you truly love, take your time and put your heart out. 

10. Express Gratitude

             There will always be something lacking to people who have so much and sometimes those who have little always have enough. We live hungry for worldly materials that we become slaves to it. We have a culture that is obsessed with a specific definition of being pretty and thin, even phones become thinner and thinner. It is very hard nowadays to feel contented when everything we see online is painted perfect. It is definitely bitter to see what other people have but each one us has a path we need to take. The roses may not be too red, but you will reach an intersection with people you were meant to cross paths with, who would have very positive impacts on your life. During the day, say thank you for three small things you could smile and be happy about. It will divert the feeling of lacking something into actually having a life worth-living. The green light when you are in a hurry, that parking space that became vacant as soon as you arrived, or the sun waving its golden farewell, there are a lot of things that you are blessed with. In fact, wherever you are right now, take a look around and be thankful you’re alive. The breath of air as it enters your body, let that slowly soothe your soul and exhale all that is keeping it heavy.

             So there you go, I hope that you will find, if not all, some things worth sharing and worth doing from this article.

             You will change into a better person when you choose to do good things repeatedly, practicing these simple things daily. Remember though that no matter what time of the year, you could start changing yourself whenever you want. We only observe one New Year, but we should celebrate every day because we are given the chance for a new opportunity. This life, though fleeting, is full of a million and more reasons to live. 


             Don’t forget to leave your resolutions in the comments guys! I’d be very glad to read them! 

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