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             Here for you guys are 10 habits that don’t take too much time to do but will change your life immediately. I started doing them years ago and now has become a routine for me and also introduced me towards weight loss. I hope that by continuing these habits daily, you are also closer to attaining your goals with regards to weight loss or just being generally healthy. You will be gaining more love for your body and soul and quickly achieve the things you want to in life.

             So lets look at these things, no matter how simple they are, you need the proper mindset as to why you want to start living healthy. Bear that in mind and you’ll notice that these will also be one daily routine for you.

             1. Start your day with a glass of warm water with a bit of lemon or apple cider vinegar. This will improve your metabolism and take care of your digestive system. Given that vinegar lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, it makes sense that it could help you lose weight and make you feel full.


             2. Walk for 10 minutes outside every morning, may it be just a stroll with your dog or on the way to work. Go outside and get fresh air before you start your day. You also get to enjoy nature, the sunrise or even just being calm around the streets, before it gets too busy.


             3. Do Heavy Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This has been one popular exercise regime lately because you don’t need to go to the gym and it only takes less of your time. This involves a 30 second exercise followed by a 30 second rest then start again. I have this simple HIIT-list for you guys to follow. Begin by doing squats (30 secs), rest (30 secs) then do mountain climbers, rest then do push ups, rest then do planks. Do this cycle for 3 rounds. It doesn’t take you more than 12 minutes and you can even come up with exercises you like. If you have no time to exercise, HIIT is what you should do. No exercise is a short trip to a low quality and short life.


            4. Keep snacks away from your office table or kitchen table. Hide them in the deepest drawer, or on the top of the shelves. Even snacks in your refrigerator should be placed behind everything. If you suddenly miss sugar and junk foods, why not try to eat fruits. I also recommend snacking on nuts such as almonds or walnuts because they lower cholesterol and are rich in good fats to make you feel full and control your appetite.


             5. It would be best not to eat before going to sleep. If you are really hungry, a cup of milk, a piece of bread or a handful of nuts are more appropriate. Bedtime snacking will just give extra calories to your body plus you may suffer from reflux which will not give you that comfortable sleep you deserve.


             6. Do a cleansing breath.This Yoga technique, which is also used during meditation, is very simple yet extremely effective. Start by covering one of your nostrils and inhale through the one that’s open. Now hold your breath for a second and cover the nostril from which the air came in and exhale from the one that was previously closed. Do this for several repetitions and alternate the sides in the process. This will clear your system from the waste of oxygen. It is also a stress-relieving method to rejuvenate your mind.


             7. Practice meditation start by deep-breathing. Meditation involves breathing through your nose slowly and also exhaling out through the mouth slowly. It is recommended to focus on the contraction and extension of your chest during inhalation and exhalation and to not be distracted by anything around you. It is not necessary to close your eyes too, you could just focus on one thing that relaxes you, a painting or a candle. Bring one picture of thing to your desk for you to concentrate on if you feel stressed.


             8. Don’t drink alcohol or eat food that is too cold or too spicy on an empty stomach. After having a heavy meal prefer having water over alcohol. Alcohol depresses the nervous systems and thus reduces the metabolism. Cold and spicy foods lead to excessive bloating and gas plus impair proper digestion.


             9. Start drinking green tea. May it be during the start of your day or at breaks, a cup of green tea is always refreshing and works wonders on body fat. Green tea boosts metabolism, reduces body fat and makes you feel light. It also contains antioxidants to reduce your risk of cancer or heart diseases.


             10. Have cold showers. Surprising your body with even 30 seconds of cold shower may have great benefits. The cold stimulates your body to warm itself which is essential in stimulating weight loss and having a good metabolism. The cold also gets your heart pumping thus cleans your bloodstream more. It also helps reduce inflammation and pain in the body, speed up recovery after a day in the gym and can treat migraines.



             Once you accomplish doing a few positive changes, you need to continue to challenge yourself and improve your life in areas where you see it fit. But don’t take it overboard, just have fun and take it little by little. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and years of your life developing these habits, and no habit should exhaust you. So, these simple habits will completely change the direction of your life one step a time and inch you towards the journey to healthy living because life is full of reasons to live.

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