Staying Healthy While Traveling

8 Adventure Tips To Enjoy Your Travel

             People have always sought for adventure and joys in new experiences and ever-changing horizons. These grand escapades to majestic mountains, picturesque cities and endless seas however come with their fair share of germs, blisters, bruises and stress.  The continuous walking, mouthgasmic food trips, and sleepless nights can make your travel experience terrible. 

             So here are 8 ways you could practice to stay healthy while being bitten by the travel bug.

1. Take medicines

             Before going on a journey, strengthen your immune system by taking vitamin C. Consult with your doctor to give you antibiotics in case diarrhea comes in. Pack some pain, fever and motion sickness medicines. Also, allergy medications would come in handy especially when eating random food that just sounded good in the menu.  Prepare some bandages and insect bite creams as well. Visit CDC’s travel website as well to learn more about vaccines and what you may need based on where you plan to go. You don’t have to pack an entire stock of your local pharmacy’s cupboard, you don’t need to go overboard because at times, you rarely get to use them. We just want you to have a peace of mind in knowing that you are prepared.

2. Wash your hands

             The best way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands with soap and clean water which also avoids germs from spreading to others. It is very simple and always taught at schools but not everyone practices it. Always bring a disinfectant with you or hand sanitizer in case the toilets have no water, tissue or soap. Just a fast fact, it was discovered that in hotel rooms, the remote control may have the same amount of bacteria as the toilet seat. So better wipe them before using and always wash your hands inside the hotel, even though they might look squeaky clean.

3. Know plane etiquettes

             Planes usually fly at least two times or more and flight attendants usually have no time to clean every mess all the previous flyers have left. Upon entering the plane, some serve wet wipes or sanitizers for you to use on wiping your belt buckle, tray table, armrests and maybe your seat. But to make sure, it is better to pack with you a hand sanitizer as you could use as well on land. As much as possible especially during short flights, avoid using the toilet. Not only are you unsure if the previous occupant has washed his/her hand, but it is everyone’s most visited destination and people tend to hurry up during turbulence. There is also no truth to planes hoarding everyone’s germs in their air. Air usually circulates to the plane, undergoes filtration and flows outside to the roof. The only way you can get the flu is by seating next to the infected person or even walking past him/her. Therefore, head to the toilet before boarding and stay seated calmly.

4. Stretch and Exercise

             Traveling also means walking for hours because everything is new and must-see. So preparing your body is something worth investing on, like starting an exercise routine weeks before. Go swimming or have time to go for a walk outside and smell the fresh air. Do whatever you’d like to as long it gets you going and a little out of breath. Do some yoga days before to stretch the calves and hamstrings. Most of the time, we do the most walking when we are traveling so better prepare those calves for a whole day of city-touring.

             For long flights, always stay comfortable. A pillow would come in handy to support your neck and back. It is also recommended to get up and walk around to keep your blood circulation flowing and not letting it pool on your feet. Stretch while also seated to avoid stiff muscles like chin tucks, hand raises, ankle twists and also pull your arms behind your back to open up your chest.

5. Know the climate

             Better stay cool when traveling to avoid dehydration. Always stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. Bring a reusable bottle with you, it will save you money from always buying plastic water bottles and save the environment from pollution. If you are unsure of the water, buy one with a built-in filtering system. If water is something you couldn’t stand, add some lemons which also contain vitamin C because drinking enough will flush out toxins and help you stay energized during the trip. Keep alcohol to a minimum amount and avoid if possible soft drinks. Avoid going out when the sun is at its hottest and stay in air-conditioned places if possible. Wear and reapply sunblock as indicated on the label. Wear also loose, lightweight and light-colored clothes. Use eye protection from the constant glare from the sun which causes headaches to some people.

             Traveling during winter is also what some have in mind to avoid the long queues and extreme heat during summer. However, being cold may also cause you to get sick. Do not underestimate a country’s low temperature because you live somewhere colder. Stay warm and dress in layers with gloves, a scarf and even warm socks. Try to use slip-on boots, they are easy to take off and you could walk for hours without your feet being cold. Don’t forget as well to bring lip balms and moisturizing lotions to avoid having very dry skin because rashes and very dry lips don’t look good on your pictures.

6. Take it easy

             Exploring new places is full of fun and excitement but it also has its share of stresses due to lost baggage, delayed flights, communication problems and maybe just being tired. It is very important to focus on what you can control rather than letting the stress control you. Always prepare ahead and plan things in advance. Surely you can’t predict and avoid flight problems, to make things very smooth for you, buy travel insurance. It will give you peace of mind and even compensation for missed flights and lost baggage. When you experience unforeseen medical emergencies, you won’t even have to pay expensive fees.

             Moreover, new experiences sometimes can be too overwhelming for the senses. If too stressed, take deep breathes, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly for several times. Incorporate relaxing activities in your itinerary, try to have a massage, meditate for a few minutes, sit down in a park near a lake and spend time with nature if you can.

             To also avoid the stress of language barriers, remember that you are in foreign place and you are a guest in their country. Learn as much as you can about them and at least a few words. Appreciate how wonderful different cultures are and look at them with an open mind.

7. Take care of your stomach

             Food is one of the foundations of a culture and getting to taste it tells you a lot about the place. From joining the locals, trying out random menus to eating exotic foods, they are the special highlights of your trip. Check beforehand very nice restaurants with great reviews and recommendations to avoid skepticism but the best tips would definitely come from the locals, they would go somewhere they trust where food is clean and heavenly. Eat hot and freshly cooked foods rather than raw and tossed in a salad. Eat some fruits too as snacks along the way especially when you indulge in fatty foods, you get a lot of nutrients plus they are refreshing.

             In addition, eat breakfast. Especially at this time when Airbnb is at its peak and there are no breakfasts included. We tend to skip and eat out especially during lunch and dinner. You will have to spend a lot and probably on unhealthy food, too. However, you could also have the option to rent an Airbnb with a kitchen for you to cook. You will be able to wash your food properly, check the expiration dates and labels. If you feel it is a bit tiring to cook, you could just boil water, add oatmeal and then put some fruits. You could also boil some eggs and make sandwiches. There are a lot of recipes online that you could do even with just two ingredients like for pancakes, cereals, baked potatoes and even granola bars. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you that boost of energy to start the day right.

8. Relax your muscles

             After enjoying too much activities, it is also time to give some love for yourself. Wallow in a hot bath to remove all the aches and pains, as well as toxins away from the body. We all lose a lot of sleep when traveling because there are just so many things to see, so at least make sure you are well-rested before the trip. Avoid caffeine or alcohol because they will just keep you awake. Massage yourself by rolling a tennis ball or a circular object around your neck, back or legs. Lift your legs up on a wall or a chair, then lie on your back to circulate blood back to the heart. Do some simple yoga poses, did you know that just lying down flat is a yoga pose called corpse pose?

             Nevertheless, it all starts with our daily habits right now. Your hygiene manners couldn’t easily be changed in a foreign land when you travel because you need to practice it as well back home. One thing that traveling does is also providing an insight about ourselves and not just the newness of the environment. We should be open to new ways of seeing the world and living, which also gives us a new purpose for our lives.

             To end it all, traveling is one good investment for our soul. It widens our horizons and brings out a whole new understanding to different cultures, their cuisine, behavior and views. Be as healthy physically and mentally when traveling because to witness things much more than your comfort zone is something a lot of people could not afford. There is so much in this planet to know about so enjoy traveling and enjoy life because life is full of reasons to live. Stay healthy! We wish you a safe and happy journey!

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